• lion-coffee-toasted-coconut-24oz
    Toasted Coconut $7.95$17.50

    A Lion Coffee all time favorite flavored coffee. You will find something very enjoyable about the aroma and nutty taste of our Toasted Coconut Coffee. That satisfying aroma and coconut coffee flavor from lightly roasted coffee beans makes this a very special coconut coffee

    Roast Type: Light Medium Roast
    Blend Type: International Blend

  • lion-coffee-vanilla-macadamia-24oz
    Vanilla Macadamia $7.95$17.50

    A classic LION tropical flavored coffee. Lightly roasted coffee beans flavored with the distinctive aromas and tastes of Vanilla Beans and Macadamia Nuts. The brewed coffee has a rich smooth taste with Vanilla flavor notes predominate and with more subtle Macadamia Nut background flavor notes. One of our top selling flavored coffees.

    Roast Type: Light Medium Roast
    Blend Type: International Blend

  • lion-coffee-diamond-head-espresso-24oz
    Diamond Head Espresso $7.95$17.50

    LION’s Diamond Head Espresso Coffee is a full-bodied classic Italian roast with a rich, zesty taste. These Espresso Coffee Beans brew a heavy, thick and strong espresso. Perfect for home espresso coffee, or as brewed coffee

    Roast Type: Medium Dark
    Blend Type: Hawaiian Coffee

  • lion-coffee-premium-gold-24oz
    Premium Gold $18.50

    10% Kona Coffee Blend

    Premium Gold is a delicious 10% Kona Coffee Blend. Our Premium Gold is perfectly balanced; the 10% Kona Coffee beans in this blend produce those special Kona Coffee notes and brew a sweet cup with a malt-like finish and mild, mellow taste. A taste of paradise – you’ll like the price, and you’ll love the coffee.

    Roast Type: Light Medium Roast
    Blend Type: 10% Kona Coffee Blend

  • lion-coffee-cafe-honolulu-24oz
    Cafe Honolulu $7.95$17.50

    Cafe Honolulu is a spirited coffee blend with a distinctive European cafe style. One might say this coffee “strolls on the tongue” and has a pleasant aroma.

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